Genshin Impact: Why it’s so good?

Genshin Impact

Gacha games have been a rising star in the gaming community for a while now, and the latest game released by miHoYo has definitely raised the bar.

Released during the end of September 2020, Genshin Impact has already made rounds in the gaming community for it’s stunning graphics, amazing gameplay and it’s incredible open world system. The characters of Genshin Impact have been so well-rounded that the story revolving them is highly anticipated – although we do get distracted by those anemonculuses – to the point that people strive to get the characters.

Although being slammed with criticisms for their gacha drop rates, it’s no question that Genshin Impact is definitely one of the games to play this year. Involving a co-op mode has been an absolute win since most of us in quarantine want to spend more time with our friends, and now we can do that while exploring Liyue and Monstadt.

If you’re looking for a game with a story while leaving you independent in what you want to do, this is it. Bask in a breathtaking world with side quests, or rush those main quests to experience an absolutely amazing storyline. Either way, Genshin Impact will definitely have you grinding those Primogems for hours on end – and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

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