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Among Us: Quarantine helped its sudden boom?

Among Us

The success of the Game Devs at Innersloth definitely didn’t arrive overnight.

Among Us

Since it’s release in mobile and PC last June 2018, Among us has only gotten the recognition it deserves this year 2020. Why? The power of internet.

Social Media is a devastatingly amazing tool to create, promote and cancel. It only took one funny post for Among Us to trend worldwide, and I guess the success, in a way, did arrive overnight – just 2 years later. With the excitement it’s gotten over the past few months, the devs definitely didn’t waste any time in announcing that a sequel is coming, riling up more people with new strategies, roles and maps.

Being a multiplayer game in the current worldly situation became a stepping stone – as harsh as it may seem – for them to increase in popularity as majority of the world is cooped up in their homes without being able to interact with their friends; Among Us just also happened to be the perfect mix of subtle violence and sharp thinking.

We’re definitely expecting amazing things from the devs for the sequel, and we hope that this time, it won’t take 2 years for people to appreciate their hard work.

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